What your child should understand about typical catholic curriculum

The Catholic curriculum follows the Trivium approach, which is a classic, organic approach to education that mimics how the human mind develops. The Trivium is three stages; dialectical, rhetorical, and logical. It is the basis of the Catholic learning approach, according to the Archdiocese overseeing Catholic education. Let’s delve deeper into the Catholic school curriculum and how it benefits students.

It Focuses on the Whole Student

Curriculum in Catholic schools are highly effective at producing students that outperform their public school counterparts on every level. This type of institution’s teachings consists of the humanities and sciences so that the whole child is developed. The Catholic community takes the responsibility of educating students very seriously. The curriculum is designed to ensure that they grow and thrive far into the future. Catholic school students are encouraged to grow with spiritual support as well as academic support.

Human Virtues and Dignity is Promoted

Academic excellence based on a system that focuses on the student’s full development is only one of the ingredients in the recipe for success that Catholic school students are exposed to. Virtues are taught as well as social responsibility. In other words, students are taught values that transform them into leaders. These teachings become a foundation for a life focused on helping their community.

The mind, body, and spirit are all factored into the curriculum. Students are encouraged to ask questions and make moral decisions. They are also taught to lead by virtue, meet challenges with high self-esteem, and develop a sense of goodness.

It’s a Supportive Learning Approach

In these school settings, students are educated by highly qualified teachers who provide the support they need to succeed. The curriculum is designed to ensure that each student can get help when it is needed without falling behind their classmates. Students are not left behind in Catholic schools. The sense of community that you find in such an institution is taught from a very early age. The curriculum is inclusive of all learning styles. The belief in a Catholic school is that any child can be academically successful when they are guided to do so.

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